About Us

Founded in 2019, Daleth helps world-changing businesses make a ‘bigger dent’ in the universe, with flexible, premier strategy and implementation support.

Daleth works globally to support the most ambitious leaders and rapidly scaling businesses to shape the future. We work alongside client executive teams and as part of their operational teams, helping to shape strategy, implement at scale, outcompete the market and capture the best strategic opportunities.

Strategic, action-oriented, results obsessed and always looking for the most competitive approach – Daleth is one of the most ambitious consulting firms out there for scaleups.

We work with venture capital firms to support their portfolio companies, and founding and executive teams at funded technology scaleups. We are lucky to have worked with some of the best teams out there, and we are humble enough to know success is always because of great collaboration.

Our Approach

Our approach is pretty simple, and honed from years of experience working with the most rapidly scaling businesses in the world. 

We believe that focussed, directed deployment of competition-oriented, value-adding products, services and capabilities will enable a business to capitalise on its growth potential. 

Constant evaluation of the landscape in which our clients operate enables us to better understand the smaller, granular movements in system performance and choose to work in areas that will help our clients increase their competitiveness over the longer term, not just shorter-term growth metrics.

Strategy First

We are believers (no, wait disciples of) agile management, and know that finding and solving real customer pain points in the most capital-efficient manner requires an iterative, agile process of test, failing and improving. But, unless we know where we want to go first, this iterative approach is rudderless and likely to take the business in a less-than-optimal direction – from a competitive standpoint. 

Therefore we focus on strategy first and then unleash agile management to get us there in the most efficient way.

Let's make something great!

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