5 Key Factors for Successful Competitive Analysis

data points from deploying competitive analysis

To state the obvious, a winning competitive strategy positions the company in a competitive position in relation to its competitors. To know ‘where’ your competitors are means you need to be ‘watching’ them all the time. This requires companies to have a formal approach to ‘watching’, aka – Competitive Analysis (or Competitive Intelligence). 

Growth Models and Measurement Plans: What are they and how do we use them?

growth model by hand with chart

As a strategic consultancy we understand the importance of having a solid plan for growth in order to achieve a company’s strategic objectives. That’s why we’re sharing our expertise on the topic of Growth Models and Measurement Plans, and how they can help businesses achieve their goals. This is an opening summary on the topic, with more detailed posts coming later.

You need a competitive strategy, not a pipedream

Having founded and worked within a range of amazing businesses over the years (and perhaps especially as a strategy consultant) I am always amazed at the lack of both an understanding of what a competitive strategy is and an actual document to point to.