Data Strategy Consulting For Scaling Businesses

A business’s growth trajectory is largely dependent on its ability to make good decisions. Therefore, a core strategic focus should be to improve a company’s strategic and tactical decision-making with specific, robust and informative data. 

Making consistently better decisions requires clean, consistent reliable data ingestion, storage and processing – only then does your teams’ decision-making become competitive. 

Early on a startup can be scrappy, with many spreadsheets acting as the data warehouse – but this soon falls apart. 

Even profitable businesses with legacy systems need to evaluate the cost to it’s decision-making ability for not upgrading and ever-improving the capability of their data strategy. 

To improve its competitiveness – whether startup, scaleup or household name – a business needs to invest in its data strategy and infrastructure to ensure increasing ROI and ongoing compliance. 

Common problems we tackle are:

“We don’t know how to increase ROI from data”
“We’re not sure we’re compliant with regard to data governance”
“Our data is not connected, and means we have data silos”
There are 4 main components of a data strategy:

Data Infrastructure

Design and implement a well integrated, cloud based data infrastructure solution for your businesses specific needs

Insight Analysis

Derive key business insights from your existing data, from customer preferences and buying behaviour to churn prediction and product usage – informing your business decisions, instead of relying on ‘gut instinct’

Improve your data and KPI quality

Agree on how you calculate success, ensure the right data and model the outputs to provide a solid foundation for all your teams’ business decisions.

Stay compliant, don’t get caught out

Data is valuable to your business, but it’s also personal to your customers. Governance is key to ensuring the appropriate use and protection of data within your business.

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