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Growth Strategies should be oriented to the growth of a metric the business deems important to its competitiveness. Many businesses only think of growth as a top-line strategy to bring in more users, more app downloads or more revenue. But really good growth strategies should be more holistic, with a deep understanding of the metrics that the business wants to push and the remit to work across the organisation. 

Typical problems indicating you need a growth strategy:

“We can’t get our unit economics where they need to be”
“We can’t scale acquisition properly”
“We’re not investor ready”
“Where should we expand our offering to?”
“I don’t know what technology to use for my business”
Growth strategies can broadly be broken into 3 main categories, but the scope of each is wide ranging.

Acquisition Strategy

Customer acquisition requires a deep understanding of your firm’s customers, their journey to seeing ‘value’ and their objections and questions along the way. It moves customers from being ‘problem unaware’ to repeat purchase of your product/service. It touches multiple channels, and a range of tactics such as CRO and marketing automation. It should also understand the business model in detail, where the costs lie in the pricing strategy and how to improve both price and unit economics. It’s not just about managing ad spend!

Retention Strategy

Scaling a subscription or SaaS business? Retention is always one of the hardest problems to solve, as it requires your firm to genuinely solve a customer problem – every month. Measure and evaluate how your retention is delivering for your business, and how you can optimise this core component of performance and unit economics. Understand why customers churn, and what triggers it. Test and evaluate a range of retention strategies to improve customer and revenue retention, improving the underlying unit economics and increasing customer value – which improve profitability and company competitiveness.

Product Strategy

Building a product is easy. Building the right product is hard. With an endless list of possible features and customer requests it can feel overwhelming to understand what to build. Build a process for ongoing evaluation of your product potential, the problem it really solves and how you might expand its usefulness to your customer base. From features, to available integrations – your product growth is more than just a pretty app.

Growth Infrastructure

Although not a strategy per se, a business can’t grow efficiently without the right systems and infrastructure. Therefore a core component of all growth is the development of capabilities through infrastructure deployment, integration and configuration. To ensure a single view of the customer, and improve a businesses ability to interact with prospects, leads and customers at scale it needs to design its service oriented architecture and deploy a set of integrated platforms such as Customer Relationship Management, Customer Data Platforms, Marketing Automation, Lead Enrichment and more.

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