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The Growth Consultancy That Accelerates Business Success

Empowering businesses to identify and seize strategic opportunities, and overcome growth challenges. 

Unlocking your firms’ ability to grow is the secret to its long term success.

Position your business to increase its chances of winning with strong competitive posturing, a framework for growth across the entire organisation, robust data to improve decision making and the capital to fund your firms’ ability to compete. 

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What is Daleth?

The partner to the best global scaleups, helping them scale harder and more efficiently with on on-demand access to world class strategy and implementation expertise. 

Scaling businesses is our thing!

Competitive Strategy

Understand your industry, know your competition. Identify the competitive opportunity.

Growth Strategy

Design, implement and test to find the right growth strategy for your business model, market and resources.

Data Strategy

Tap into the potential of your business data and get deeper insights, helping you make robust decisions.

Funding Strategy

Ensure you have the cash runway to deliver on your business strategy, and allocate resources efficiently to make it last.

Growth & Data Execution

Fractional, on-demand growth and data support helping businesses implement the technology and growth solutions to scale KPIs and deliver on business objectives.

We've worked with some amazing clients

We work with some amazing customers, all of whom are united by one thing – their desire to grow.

Dukkantek DMCC

Capturing a greater proportion of the Integrated Retail Category
bulb energy logo screen

Bulb Energy

Driving rapid growth in Bulb’s B2B product offering



Sustainable growth leading to successful venture finance round

Our Clients

We work with some amazing customers, all of whom are united by one thing – a desire to grow.

Dukkantek DMCC

Capturing a greater proportion of the Integrated Retail Category
bulb energy logo screen

Bulb Energy

Driving rapid growth in Bulb’s B2B product offering



Sustainable growth leading to successful venture finance round

"Daleth has consistently helped our founders achieve strong growth"

“At Colle Capital, we’re on a mission to empower our portfolio companies, and Daleth has consistently helped our founders achieve strong growth while identifying and resolving strategies to improve competitiveness.. They’re not your average consultancy – Daleth goes way beyond the ordinary, crafting tailored and innovative strategies that propel startups to scale harder and redefine their competitive game. If you’re on the lookout for a game-changing edge, Daleth is the name to remember! “
Douglas Benowitz
Principal at Colle Capital

"Gets Sh*t Done"

“Logan is one of the smartest, most technical and most analytical marketers I’ve met. Incredibly organised, good strategic thinker but also gets sh*t done.

It’s a rare mix.”

Mark Hodson
CMO, Howsy (ex PayPal Director)

"A Transformative Experience For Our Startup"

“Logan’s dedication to achieving tangible, quantifiable change aligns seamlessly with the core values at Daleth, and their ability to navigate and lead us through this transformative journey was nothing short of exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Logan to any organization seeking a dynamic, results-driven leader who can deliver real, impactful change. Working with Logan has been a transformative experience for our startup, and I have no doubt they would bring the same level of excellence and commitment to any project they undertake.”
Zeid Abu Ennad

COO, Dukkantek

"Strategic Insights Were Consistently Valuable"

“I had the pleasure of working with Logan, who served as our consultant. His professionalism, organizational skills, and expertise stood out from the very beginning. Beyond his technical acumen, his strategic insights were consistently valuable, guiding us to optimal outcomes. Partnering with the stellar Daleth team, Logan adeptly adapted to project shifts, ensuring smooth progress and clear communication at every stage. His combined dedication and prowess made our collaboration not only efficient but transformative. I wholeheartedly recommend Logan for any consulting endeavour, confident in the significant value he consistently delivers.”
Mohammed Abubakker

Business Applications, Dukkantek

"We Knew Exactly What Was Going On"

“I’d highly recommend working with Logan and the rest of the team at Daleth. Logan has incredible depth of knowledge on all aspects of building a business, and particularly in the area of growth. He helped with our SEO strategy, marketing automation and PPC advertising. He communicated with us very effectively throughout the process. We knew exactly what was going on the whole time and the results were very clearly communicated.”
Dylan Atlas-Baker
Co-Founder, Spectacles CI

"Best In The Industry"

“Logan is one of a kind, best in the industry.”
Daniella Peri
CEO, Yoppie

"Helped Us Put Our Vision Into Practice"

“Logan’s experience and understanding of working with start-ups and growing companies was hugely beneficial for our project. His solution focused and structured approach and his highly skilled team helped us put our vision into practice and enabled us to create the infrastructure required for organic growth. I would highly recommend working with Logan, and particularly enjoyed learning from him and our weekly calls.”
veronica bamford-deane managing director work for good
Veronica Bamford-Deane
Managing Director, Work For Good

"A Great Recipe For High Performance"

“We worked with Logan to deliver the paid media elements of a wider growth strategy that he was leading. We are proud of the results we delivered and a large part of our success was down to our partnership with Logan. His structured and data driven approach to building a growth marketing stack across multiple channels complimented our approach to paid media and was a great recipe for high performance. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future.”
Marcus Knight

Co-Founder, Prospect Knight

"A Fully Bespoke Growth Directive"

“His commitment to truly understanding the culture and goals of Lifecake before deriving growth strategies is a rare trait. The result of which is a fully bespoke growth directive that fits perfectly with the overall company strategy.”
Anup Purewal

Data Scientist, Lifecake

"Critical Partners In Defining Our Business Growth Strategy"

“Daleth were critical partners in defining our business growth strategy whilst managing and upgrading our growth function. A unique combination of technical and data expertise, growth methodology, process structure and leadership helped us focus on the right strategic areas to drive significant business growth. They assisted us (and had large impact) with data and analytics strategies, paid and non-paid acquisition channel strategies, sitewide optimisation, whilst coaching the internal team and establishing growth oriented processes for rapid deployment and learning – making Howsy’s growth truly sustainable.”
livia Orencak howsy
Livia Orencak
Growth Marketing Manager, Howsy

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The role of Government regulations No matter your view on centralised governance, or whether governance becomes more decentralised over time (now that blockchain solves for the Byzantine General Problem) –

What is a Competitive Strategy? A Competitive Strategy is an explicit decision as to ‘how’ a firm wishes to compete. In essence it is the positioning of a company in

At Daleth we develop competitive strategies, helping technology scaleups become more competitive and scale harder/faster/more efficiently. We therefore interface with technology and product teams all day, every day.